Yoga Classes & Styles

Yoga Classes & Styles

At LA Cycle + Yoga, our variety of yoga classes provide something for every student and ability level. For those looking for an energizing workout, our Dynamic Flow and Power Vinyasa classes offer faster-paced, athletic sequences set to upbeat music. These sessions provide a fun cardio boost you may enjoy more than slower styles!

The invigorating after-effects of these classes are impressive. With improved stamina, flexibility, and mood, students often feel focused and positive after a good sweat. If you like energetic, challenging yoga sessions, you’ll love the workout and renewed sense of energy our Dynamic Flow and Power Vinyasa classes provide. With options for all interests and skills, LA Cycle + Yoga has the perfect yoga class waiting for you! Give one a try today.

Vinyasa Flow 60

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of yoga where postures seamlessly transition from one to the next, synchronized with breath. Each inhale and exhale serves as an anchor, connecting movement and breath. The non-stop flow creates a meditative flow state.

At LA Cycle + Yoga, our Vinyasa Flow classes focus on alignment and connectedness between body and mind. The pace can range from slow and steady to more vigorous, cardio-boosting flows. But no matter the speed, expect smooth transitions between graceful postures.

What to Expect in Vinyasa Flow Class

What to Expect in Vinyasa Flow Class

  • Sequences of flowing movements linked with breath
  • Foundational sun salutations to build heat and intensity
  • Attention to alignment in standing, seated, and balancing postures
  • Smooth pace and transitions between poses rather than holding postures
  • Options to take postures up a notch or modify as needed
  • A chance to find focus and release stress during the sustained flow

Benefits of Regular Vinyasa Practice

Some of the many benefits you can gain from a regular Vinyasa yoga practice include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health from elevated heart rate
  • Increased strength and flexibility from flowing sequences
  • Stress reduction and elevated mood from meditative practice
  • Better mind-body connection through breath-movement synchronization
  • Ability to maintain an active lifestyle with improved posture
  • A sense of grace and inner peace from the flowing movements

Our knowledgeable instructors skillfully guide students at all levels through Vinyasa sequences. Over time, the sustained flow becomes meditative, helping quiet the mind. Give Vinyasa yoga a try – find your inner flow with us!

Dynamic Flow 60 

What is Dynamic Flow Yoga?

At LA Cycle + Yoga, we love introducing new students to the energetic workout of Dynamic Flow Yoga. This athletic, invigorating style of Vinyasa yoga provides more of a workout than traditional Flow classes.

In a Dynamic Flow class with LA Cycle + Yoga, you can expect faster-paced, flowing Vinyasa postures linked with breath to build heat and intensity. There are fewer rests between poses, with more dynamic movements like hopping/jumping to transition between postures. The vigorous, continuous sequence raises your heart rate and keeps energy up.

Our teachers provide options to take postures up a notch and add intensity. But with individual modifications available, you control your own level while enjoying the workout. Expect to strengthen your core and muscle groups, realign your posture, and increase flexibility.

A typical Dynamic Flow class includes:

  • Flowing Vinyasa postures with fewer rests between poses
  • Faster transitions between poses to increase intensity
  • More athletic, dynamic movements like hopping/jumping between poses
  • Arm balances, core work, and standing postures to build strength
  • Shorter but focused holding of poses compared to other Vinyasa styles
  • Planks, chaturangas, pushups to build upper body strength
  • Cool down stretches and relaxation at the end

Benefits of Dynamic Flow Yoga include:

  • Increased stamina and core/muscle strengthening
  • A light cardio workout
  • Expanded yoga practice
  • Improved flexibility
  • Realigned, better posture
  • An energizing, focused mindset after class
  • A metabolism boost and potential weight loss aid

So if you’re looking for an energetic, upbeat yoga class that will leave you feeling strong and renewed, Dynamic Flow Yoga is for you! Appropriate for newbies to experts, it builds fitness while maintaining a comfortable, familiar flow.

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